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Whatever a client requires at any stage of the built environment life cycle, our company can bring them solutions. Our strong International network and local relationships ensure that we can supply both the skills and the resources to meet client demands, anything, anywhere: whatever, whenever.......... Read about us   Learn about our capabilities   Our vision

Project Management & Sourcing

We at Imberzal provide bespoke project management solutions relying on the technology, the brightest people and close collaboration to deliver advanced solutions in diverse fields.

We can help Client achieve improved results, reduced costs and streamlined services.


Our relentless commitment to "Provide Technology for Better Life" reflects in all our projects.

We provide expert advice on Health, Safety and Environmental Noise pollutions, 2D and 3D noise mapping, sound insulation testing and architectural acoustic design.


Regardless of the scale of complexity of the project, we ensure that our clients are able to meet their commitments, exceeding industry benchmarks viz a viz quality and time.

Our policy in trading is to serve you fast with all possible resources with our powerful globally spread network.

Our Associates